Domain is not
currently in use

This domain is showing this page and message because it is currently not being used to host a website, service or product. Something might appear here in the future, if you feel this page is showing in error, please let us know.

Alternative use case scenarios

Even tho you see this page, then it is possible this domain is used for something, it just doesn't have a website / frontend associated with it for the public. Some of these cases might be...


This domain might possibly be used for mail purposes by Fjeddy!, a client or perhaps even personal use. The domain might not host a website, service or product, but still actively be used by one or more email accounts.

The majority of our websites and SASS solutions actively sends and uses emails to function properly. But some domains, are only used for mail purposes and is not necessarily associated with a website or service directly.

A website might appear on this domain in the future, even tho it's current destination is mail.


Domains are mostly used to showcase a website, service, product, blog, magazine or anything visual that the user can interact with to obtain information. But, sometimes, domains are also used for completely different, yet very similar cases.

All servers run on an IPv4 or IPv6 address. These addresses solely consists of numbers and whenever you setup a new domain, then you point the domain towards these numbers, aka the IP address. This number is often challenging to memorize, and therefor some domains are used specifically to point to specific servers to give them certain easy-to-remember names.

For DevOps and system administrators it's easier to remember and visit a domainname like server.name.example.com instead of