PokeEye run an open API available for anyone to hook into and add their contributions. All contributions are available instantly through the API and the website.

Regardless if you scan a street, neighborhood, city or country, then you can submit all your data easily to PokeEye and take full advantage of our map, notifications, filters and all the functionality PokeEye has to offer. You are free to create your own custom ways to submit the data, but if you are running one of many popular opensource tools to scan, then we have made some endpoints readily available for you.

New: All contributors get free Premium PokeEye as a token of our appreciation. Contact us on Discord if you contribute or plan to contribute for more information.

Missing a scanner you use and would like to submit data from? Ensure that it supports some form of webhook, where it sends out data to a remote URL whenever it finds new Pokemon, Gyms or Pokestops. If it does, contact us through Discord and we will implement it right away.


Monocle is one of the most used and popular Pokemon GO scanners available. If you are using Monocle, then you can easily submit all your data to PokeEye by adding our endpoint to your webhook configuration.


Adding the endpoint to your webhooks will make all your discoveries available instantly on PokeEye's servers and you can take full advantage of our map and notifications, with your very own data.