Are you sitting on data from Pokemon GO? Please share it with us. Anyone who sits on data and is willing, can contribute to the PokeEye database. All data added to the API is instantly available on

POST Endpoint

You can submit a new pokemon one by one, by submitting a POST request with a JSON array containing the pokemon data. The endpoint will let you know if your pokemon was successfully added to the database or not.

All calls must be made as a POST request to



With the POST request's body you need to supply a JSON array containing the pokemon details you want to submit.

  "type": "pokemon",
  "message": {
    "encounter_id": 14607808342586393177,
    "pokemon_id": 129,
    "last_modified_time": 1486604625000,
    "spawnpoint_id": "463cfa8ced7",
    "latitude": 60.315010246906574,
    "longitude": 5.224134304152248,
    "disappear_time": 1486606245, // UNIX timestamp
    "time_until_hidden_ms": 1620000,
    "individual_attack": 12, // Optional
    "individual_defense": 3, // Optional
    "individual_stamina": 12, // Optional
    "move_1": 231, "move_2": 133 // Optional


Do you use Monocle? Great! Then it's super easy to contribute to PokeEye. Simply add a new webhook to your Monocle configuration using the PokeEye monocle endpoint, and all data will be available on PokeEye the moment Monocle finds them.