PokeEye has been down and unavailable since October 2017, partially because of major changes in the PokeEye structure and code that’s been delayed, but mostly due to the heavy changes Niantic is constantly performing trying to remove scanners and maps permanently.

We all know that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Niantic’s fight against the community

Niantic is constantly fighting scanners, bots, maps and third-party tools that utilize the Pokemon GO APIs to collect, distribute and display data. Because of this, it’s become harder and harder to do exactly that as the community is fighting against a multi-billion company that simply doesn’t want us to do what we’re doing.

By creating complex algorithms to locate the bots and automated scanners from the real players, then Niantic has created a way that’s not completely blocking out scanners, but found an efficient enough way to demotivate any large data-mining procedures by a single website like PokeEye.

There are still ways to scan, but in turn, accounts are efficiently blocked on a daily basis and constantly need to be replaced to keep the scanner up and running, this is a highly time consuming procedure that’s giving most maps a huge headache.

PokeEyes future

PokeEye aims to remede this, partially, by utilizing and working with the community. Instead of focusing on being a map that does the scanning for you, then PokeEye’s focus will rely on creating an awesome map that you, the visitor, can submit and visualise data to, for your own and everyone elses benefits.

Creating a map, with notifications, filters, proper GUI and everything needed to give yourself and anyone else a viable experience while searching for Pokemons, is just as hard and complicated as running the scanner itself. With PokeEye you can now focus on running the scans, fetching the data, and at the same time, utilize PokeEye’s functionality to visualise the data you fetch in a easy simple manner.

Not fully working yet, but almost there

PokeEye is working to the extent that the backend API that the frontend is communicating with is working well and accepting data. But the frontend still requires work.

It’s currently not possible to register an account with PokeEye, the notifications GUI that will let you be notified whenever a new Pokemon appear in a specific area, is not yet implemented fully, we’re working hard to find an intutive and simple solution making it as easy for you as the end user as remotely possible.

To start with, PokeEye will support notifications through the following channels.

  • Pushbullet
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Email
  • SMS (Text message)

Additional services are likely to appear in the future, but at the moment, we’re working hard on getting the core GUI completed so PokeEye becomes a steady, usable and userfriendly interface for all our visitors.

Oh, and did you notice that we now have a news section? xD We will write about PokeEye, Pokemon GO, Niantic and the Pokemon GO community. Giving you the latest of the latest inside information surrounding Pokemon GO.

We will back with more information shortly as we proceed with our GUI creations, completing our current vision of the new PokeEye platform.

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